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A birds packed tree

When I discovered it yesterday, the comments via twitter on a webpage experiment at Cognition seemed to make a lot of sense.

Coming back to it this morning, I had a bad feeling about it though. It's only 15 hours old, and the comment thread is looking more like a noisy crowd than like a round table discussion where people exchange point of views, debate and learn. The number of RTs showing up are possibly responsible of this overwhelming feeling, but it may also come from the Twitter format itself.

As it eases the input from readers willing to react, it's putting us in front of the old quantity vs. quality problem. My personal experience on blog comments is that the longer a comment thread is, the less likely I will take time to read each one of them. I'll admit right here I didn't all the tweet-comments. Have you?

The experiment should go on though to see if we can get accustomed to this new thing. I'll suggest two ideas : filtering out the RTs, and highlighting in some way the comments on blogs such as this one (it may already be in place but it seems nobody posted one...). People looking for more articulate reading material would be able to spot them while scrolling down.

Design wise, it was a big WHOAH yesterday, and it still solidly is. It successfully achieves to be contemporary where lots of its features would - easily - direct it towards Retro Americana land. Thanks again for the inspiration Happy Cog!

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